The Wall of this house in a lovely presentation. Compact adorned with the Middle East and emphasized that doorway. The doors are painted the shooting patterns as well. On a point of view that can be seen far and wide.
• Air conditioning
• LCD 32 inch screen
• Refrigerator
• Water heater
• Kettle
• Bathrobes
• Coffee or tea makers
• Balcony with a view
• Mini bar


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SpacerHouse May - Oct. Nov. - Apr Public holiday the company
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Su - Th Fr - Sa
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3,000 4,000
4,000 5,000




Mostresidential customers can - for 8.00 am.- 22.00 pm. every day.

SpacerTel : 036-200955 , 082-2332355 (8.00 am.- 22.00 pm.).
SpacerFax : 036-200956
SpacerE-mail :
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Choose a style you like. Account paid in full within 3 days. 
After payment slip to the fax (Fax: 036-200956) or email the proof of payment. and to transfer the call 036-200955, 082-2332355. 
We will send a confirmation to the email or fax the details to be posted within 7 days.

SpacerConditions :
  • All room rates are net price inclusive of breakfast.

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  • The hotel reserves the right to cook the food in the resort.

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  • Pets are not allowed in the resort.

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  • If children with height less than 120 cm room with parent is free of charge.

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  • The extra bed is 1,000 Baht including breakfast.

  • The individuals who do not have access to the resort and can not get into the house prior permission of the resort.

SpacerRemarks; :
  • The cancellation if the customer paid in full. Customers will be notified in advance to the resort at least 15 days prior to arrival. The resort. Money for 50% (and less costly to implement).

  • If you are delayed or canceled prior to arrival. Less than 15 days, the resort is non-refundable for any circumstances.

  • In the event of a 60% deposit and cancellation dates. We will not be refunded and will need to call. Cancellation 15 days prior to arrival.

  • On the date of arrival. You can move 2 times by 15 days advance notice of the resort.

SpacerCheck-in time : 02:00 pm.
SpacerCheck-out time : 12:00 am.